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How long should my linen last

        Linen is measured in GSM which refers to grams per square metre  (of flax fibers).   MONDE linen is produced at 165GSM,  which is the optimum weight to achieve both a long life span and the immediatesoftness of your linen bedding  (in times gone by, linen bedding was made from much heavier weight fabric,  so it took years to achieve softness and the lightness we expect in bedding today).

    When cared for correctly,  linen bedding will last many years,  however it is important to note that we have designed our range to ensure that our linen is soft from your very first sleep, which puts it later in its life cycle than a much heavier linen GSM. Without this process, linen can feel rough or coarse to sleep in.  Keep in mind that even though linen as a fabric is quite durable, it is not exempt from wear and tear from constant use and incorrect care.

    Due to the strain they come under,  fitted sheets can show signs of wear earlier than on other products such as duvet covers and flat sheets. As MONDE linen at 165GSM is thicker than most, this is not a flaw in the fabric,  but a normal result from frequent and considerable use.  We suggest purchasing more than one fitted sheet to alternate between uses. Alternatively, some of our customers like to use a flat sheet tucked under the mattress instead of a fitted sheet as this reduces strain on the linen.

    To ensure your linen bedding lasts a number of years,  we recommend you follow our careinstructions and follow the European mentality of one set on the bed, one set on the line to reduce wear.



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